Challenge #1: Funding

Funding for the 2020 census is moving in the wrong direction.  According to a November 2017 Politico report, the U.S. Census Bureau received roughly $200 million below the agency’s request in FY 2017.  What's more, proposed funding for FY 2018 is lower than previous decades, when funding levels typically increase in ramp-up years leading to the launch of the census (see the figure below).


Why does this matter?

Conducting a census of more than 325 million Americans is a tall task requiring lots of planning, testing, and outreach.  The implications of reduced funding are already being felt.  Some examples include:  1) cancellation of 2020 census field testing, 2) proposed cuts to offices and staff and, 3) delayed release of the 2017 economic census. 


*See this April 2018 blog post for an update on census funding.

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For more information, check out this resource:

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