Group Quarters (GQ) Enumeration

The U.S. Census Bureau will aim to count all Americans in the right place, once and only once, by classifying individuals as: 1) living in housing units (house, apartment/townhome, mobile home, rented rooms) and, 2) people not living in housing units (i.e. living in group quarters). The Bureau considers the following group quarters facilities:

  • Group homes

  • Nursing facilities/skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes)

  • Residential treatment facilities

  • College/university or seminary student housing

  • Religious group living quarters

  • Correctional facilities

  • In-patient hospice facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Workers’ group living quarters

  • Job Corps centers or vocational training facilities

The Bureau uses multiple approaches to try to get an accurate enumeration of people living in group quarters including:

  • Electronic Response Data Transfer (eResponse)

  • In-person Interview

  • Drop Off/Pick Up of Questionnaire

  • Paper Response Data Collection

To read more about GQ enumeration, check out the following resources:

Jason Jurjevich