National League of Cities: A Guide (and Checklist) for Local Leaders

The National League of Cities is helping local leaders understand the importance of the decennial census and how to prepare for a good count. In 2018, the group published a municipal action guide for Preparing for the 2020 Census.

The action guide is a great first step to become familiar with and plan for Census 2020. The action guide has three distinct sections:

  1. What City Leaders Need to Know. Which includes details on why the census matters, what is new for the 2020 Census, where people are counted, who is considered “Hard to Count”, and ways that people can respond.

  2. How City Leaders Can Help? Which outlines opportunities to collaborate with the Census Bureau, integrate efforts across city and municipal departments, and how to involve the community in Complete Count efforts.

  3. Quick Resources. These include talking points for constituents, specific community considerations, a City Checklist, Timeline of Operations, Definition of Terms, and Census 2020 Contacts.

Read the entire workbook via the link above and follow the NLC for Census updates here:

Image courtesy of the National League of Cities.

Image courtesy of the National League of Cities.