Forming a Complete Count Committee? It's All Here.

Are you or your community considering forming a Complete Count Committee (CCC) for the upcoming 2020 Census? We are here to help get you started so that everyone in your community counts. Below are the steps required to organize a team and put a plan into action!

What are the basics of a CCC?

  • A CCC is a volunteer committee established by tribal, state, and local governments and community leaders to increase awareness of Census 2020 and increase census participation.  Committees are most effective when they include a cross-section of the community, meaning the committee include individuals from government, education, business, religious organizations, the media, and community groups. 

What are the advantages of a CCC?

  • Increased census response rates leading to lower undercount

  • Local input and broad community participation

  • Better organization and preparedness to avoid duplicating efforts

How many members should a CCC contain?

  • The size of each CCC depends on the size of your jurisdiction and the scope of your committee.

    • For example, smaller communities may have a committee of 3-5 individuals, where larger cities may have committees closer to 50 people, depending on who is engaged.

Who should be included on my Complete Count Committee?

  • Membership in municipal level CCCs often includes, but is not limited to:

    • Chair (often the mayor or a political designee)

      • Heads of government agencies and departments

      • Heads of community organizations

      • Representatives from diverse faith communities

      • Heads of universities and community colleges

      • Heads of business associations and private enterprise

      • Heads of public schools

      • Other individuals invested in achieving a fair and accurate count

  • Some members may need to be recruited, while others may join on their own accord. It is important to make sure that the CCC is representative of the larger community so that the committee can leverage relationships to access resources that support an infrastructure that achieves a fair and accurate census count.

What does a CCC need to actually do?

  • The CCC should prepare a Complete Count Plan that considers the locally specific barriers that exist to achieving a full and complete count.

  • A critical component of the planning phase requires that the CCC first identify sources of funding for the campaign.

  • In addition to planning and fundraising, the scope of CCC is rooted in three phases:

    1. 1. Education Phase. Raise community awareness and educated individuals about the importance of the census.

    2. 2. Promotion Phase. Notify and disseminate information to let the community know that the census is around the corner.

    3. 3. Motivation and Action Phase. Encourage people to stand up and be counted by completing their census form.

Need more information on CCCs?

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